For a city like Bengaluru, which is filled with people and traffic from everywhere, flocking since dawn and long after dusk, an all-in-one stay experience seems a bit like a distant dream. This is where Comfy Hotel comesin to lit life into your dreams. Being a luxury Hotel situated in the heart of the city, Comfy offers a vibrant range of facilities to relish you with calmness. Apart from the regular hospitality services, Comfy also provides an aura to aid your business related activities and keeps you on schedule. Comfy Hotel also lies within the vicinity of Christ University, St. John’s Hospital, Forum mall and many software companies.

Along with the tranquillity provided through the graceful luxury suites, Comfy hotel extends the warmth of a conference and banquet hall to assist you in your business trips. Crafted with warmth and amiability, Comfy is all set to provide you a memorable and blissful stay in the big city.